What do you do when you’re on a shoot, minding your own business, and a 175 pound dog (which is about my own weight by the way…) starts running your way, barking like there’s no tomorrow and making a fuss like you’re on his turf and it’s not ok…?

Option 1:

Run! Run like the wind. But with your camera, your pelican case and the fact that this dog can probably out run you anytime of day, it might not be the best idea.

Option 2:

Close the pelican case (which I did as a reflex because I hate having drool on my lenses…) and brace yourself for impact.

Option 3:

Keep minding your own business and assume that if you don’t look scared, the dog is probably gonna end up thinking that you’re more badass than him and that he’s gonna eat some pelican case if he gets in your face. And no matter what, don’t stop shooting.

I went for option 3, and it worked quite well, the puppy ended up stopping a few meters away from me and was quite curious about my 14mm lens.

I later learned from the owner of the dog that it could have gone either way, since apparently that thing is sorta crazy and is used to flipping out on you just because it doesn’t like the color of your pants….. (Thank God for my fashion sense!)

Good times…

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