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I once heard Vincent Laforet say that he never throws away photographs. No matter how many he took during a shoot. Good or bad being such a subjective concept. You never know when you’re gonna need a blurry photo or a picture with an odd crop where your model has one eye shut. (that might be pushing it, but you get the drift)

Well, like Vincent, I never throw away any photo I take, which results in a certain amount of hard drives (plus the equivalent in backup of course).

But the good thing is that I shoot so many photos that I eventually forget about some of them. And when I decide to go through some of my old shoots every now and then I discover some “outtakes” that I still really like but that didn’t make the cut.

As a proof, here are 2 photos of my friend Nikkey on which I didn’t even stop the first around.

P.S: Can you see the crack on that lens!? It actually still shoots quite well.

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