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A few weeks ago, I got commissioned by the BC Government’s Correction Department to shoot the Peace Officers Memorial Service in Stanley Park.

This event, that takes place every year on the last Sunday of September, brings together representatives of BC’s finest officers. From correctional officers to police, and RCMP.

I gotta admit that, having hundreds of officers marching around in uniforms, with drums, bagpipes, horses, flags and all, gave me patriotic goose bumps.

Anyway, part of my job was to take nice portraits of the correction officers present that day, against a white backdrop. Pretty straight forward.

But the other part was to follow them around the park and photograph them while marching. And of course, it doesn’t say anywhere in the protocol that the officers have to stop for me to shoot a nice group photo (go figure), so I had to be quick on my feet.

So when they started marching, after looking around quickly, I realized that I had a very (and I mean VERY) short window of opportunity where my group was gonna walk on a tiny bridge, with the whole city in the back. And the kicker… the tiny bridge had a ledge that I could climb to shoot from higher and catch them all nicely.

This all took place in about 15 seconds, so if you were there that day and saw a dude run with a pelican case, throw it on the ground, climb and shoot while trying not to do a face plant, well, that was me…

I could only get 3 shots before they were out of frame and I had to run ahead of them again. This is one of them.

Good times, I tell you… Good times.

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