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View from the Vancouver Lions…

I didn’t use a super wide angle for that shot. The mountain is actually shaped that way.

What a sight…

If you are around Vancouver and you feel like hiking 16km in the rocks, roots and trees, I strongly recommend it…

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If you know me a little, then you know that I can never resist trying something new and fun. Especially when it comes to climbing stuff to get a better point of view.

Whenever I arrive on a shoot, I have a mental routine that I go through. Where is the main light coming from, how much light do I have, do I need to add more, do I need to diffuse, reflect, where am I gonna put my subjects etc…

And a question I always ask myself when shooting outdoors is: “How can I get higher?”

Well, when you take photos of an oil rig, the answer to that question is pretty simple.

Just climb the 140 foot (43 meters) derrick.

I love it when I tell my clients where I wanna go and they ask me:

"Are you sure you want to that!? It’s -25 degrees on the ground, and it gets pretty windy up there so it’s gonna feel like -40 and it’s gonna be pretty slippery…"

As they saw the smile on my face get bigger they knew what was going through my head.

The beauty about working on a rig like that, is that all the guys around you are professionals and they don’t mess around with security.

In order to get up there, you have to put a harness on and the whole system makes it impossible to fall, and I mean impossible! The worst that could happen to you is that you could wet your pants because you’re scared of heights.

And in this kind of cold, you might not wanna do that.

Anyway, I did get all the way up, took a few photos and after a minute or two, the buttons of my camera started to freeze so I had to go back down.

What a view though…

More about this shoot very soon.

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