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Last week I spent 3 interesting days in Edmonton.

On Friday I climbed an oil rig for the first time, but Wednesday was another first for me.

I actually walked in on a murder scene (yep, you heard that right) with my fellow friends from Martyshuk housing. Therefore ended up being filmed by CBC (if you watch the first minute of this video, you’ll see me minding my own business, doing what I was there to do, witness and film the everyday life of Martyshuk Housing’s team and their tenants).

Drugs, violence, and unfortunately death, is part of the everyday life for the homeless community of Edmonton (and in all the other big cities of the world). And the more I work with them, the more I learn about it and I realize how the work of Martyshuk Housing is important.

For the past 6 years now, Dave Martyshuk’s team has been working extremely hard,  night and day, with all the agencies and Government departments in charge of taking care of the homelessness situation to house hundreds of people they are working towards eradicating homelessness in Edmonton in the next 5 to 10 years.

This project sounded completely nuts a few years ago, but it is now in full speed and it’s safe to say that if all those incredible folks keep going this way, homelessness might just be a souvenir in 5 to 10 years in Edmonton

In the meantime, even when you are surrounded by drugs, violence and alcohol, at the end of the day, there is always someone there with a big smile on his/her face to make you forget about all this and realize that there is hope.

I made a lot of new friends amongst the Martyshuk Housing tenants, but RJ was by far the happiest to see me film and photograph him. (You have no idea how excited he was about the hockey season finally starting too!)

If you’re in Edmonton, you might see him walking in the streets with his snow shovel, just helping out. If you do, go and say “hi” to him.

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If you know me a little, then you know that I can never resist trying something new and fun. Especially when it comes to climbing stuff to get a better point of view.

Whenever I arrive on a shoot, I have a mental routine that I go through. Where is the main light coming from, how much light do I have, do I need to add more, do I need to diffuse, reflect, where am I gonna put my subjects etc…

And a question I always ask myself when shooting outdoors is: “How can I get higher?”

Well, when you take photos of an oil rig, the answer to that question is pretty simple.

Just climb the 140 foot (43 meters) derrick.

I love it when I tell my clients where I wanna go and they ask me:

"Are you sure you want to that!? It’s -25 degrees on the ground, and it gets pretty windy up there so it’s gonna feel like -40 and it’s gonna be pretty slippery…"

As they saw the smile on my face get bigger they knew what was going through my head.

The beauty about working on a rig like that, is that all the guys around you are professionals and they don’t mess around with security.

In order to get up there, you have to put a harness on and the whole system makes it impossible to fall, and I mean impossible! The worst that could happen to you is that you could wet your pants because you’re scared of heights.

And in this kind of cold, you might not wanna do that.

Anyway, I did get all the way up, took a few photos and after a minute or two, the buttons of my camera started to freeze so I had to go back down.

What a view though…

More about this shoot very soon.

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It snowed quite a bit today in Vancouver. Like at least 8 to 10 cm. So people freaked out and crashed their cars everywhere and all. (I can hear my friends in Alberta laugh pretty hard right about now.)

So anyway, before going out in the craziness and the cold this morning, I decided to take a little “nature morte” and enjoyed the quiet for a few minutes…

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This is where I spent most of my time last week.

The big green building is Martyshuk Housing “Loft” where they house some of their clients (who used to be homeless) and above it is the view from the south facing units. Pretty cool view isn’t it?

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For the past 5 days now, I’ve been back in Edmonton to work with the incredible people of Martyshuk Housing.

I’ve worked with them several times before and have had a blast every time.

This week was no exception. Once again, I got to spend time with people who are so full of love, warmth and happiness, even if life hasn’t always been so kind to them.

As I have been hanging around the halls with my camera for the past few days now, all of Martyshuk Housing clients know me pretty well. (Either as Brice or “camera guy”) And every time I show up, I am welcomed by big smiles, which make my job pretty sweat and easy I gotta say.

Learn more about what Martyshuk housing does here, we definitely need more people like them in this world…

I am shooting videos this time and you’ll get to see them pretty soon, but in the mean time here are 2 of my buddies.

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