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About a year and a half ago, during one of my trips to Chase Jarvis’s studio in Seattle, I got the chance to meet to 2 hip hop artists called Macklemore and Ryan Lewis.

At the time, I had no idea who they were, but I actually knew one of their songs called "Wings". But it’s only after they performed “Can’t Hold Us” (you can actually see me on this video…) for the very few of us in the room that I realized what was happening.

It felt like a huge slap in the face. I was clearly witnessing something that I would probably not be able to witness ever again. A one on one Macklemore and Ryan Lewis show.

Which also gave us time to snap some very cool photos of them performing.

(See more photos by clicking here)

And guess what…? As Chase predicted and as we all knew as soon as we saw them on stage that day, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis eventually exploded in the charts a few weeks later, and thanks to their very cool "Thrift Shop" song, they are now number one on the billboard chart, and on pretty much every other charts out there.

Congratulations guys, and to quote you: “This is fucking awesome!”

Thanks again to Chase Jarvis for this amazing opportunity, and to Ben and Ryan for the amazing live performance that day.

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Last week I got the chance to hang out on stage with "A Tribe Called Red".

"A Tribe Called Red" is an all Native American DJ crew from Ottawa, Canada. They remix traditional Pow Wow music with contemporary club sounds.

I have been around quite a few Native round dances and pow-wows lately (and I’m talking about the raw version with just drums and voices) and this is already extremely powerful.

So when Bear Witness, Dan General and Dee Jay NDN bring the computers and electric beats in on top of it, it gets pretty freaking intense.

And guess what? Their album is available FOR FREE here: www.electricpowwow.com

So check them out.

Also you can listen to their music here, and visit their blog here.

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I’ve been in Edmonton for the past few days and one of my assignments was to photograph the first night of "The Works" festival.

This night was sponsored by "Martyshuk Housing" and organized by "Progress Unlimited" (with whom I work very closely), and included a few hip-hop concerts.

Don’t you hate it when a young hipsters gets in front of you and blocks your view while throwing punches in the mosh pit?!

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For those of you who still wonder why you sometimes have to “show off” with a big lens, here is why…

Last night, I was asked to cover Rick Hansen’s “Celebration 25th!”.

"Celebration 25th!" is the conclusion to the 25th Anniversary of Rick Hansen’s "Man In Motion World Tour!".

If you don’t know who Rick Hansen is, check him out. I won’t go in details about how amazing he is (you should discover that by yourself while checking out his foundation), but as my friend Bob said last night: “thank God I’m not a crier because this is very inspiring and overwhelming”.

Anyway, when I received my media kit, the event’s organization sent me a map of the venue that basically showed us that the photographers were standing at the opposite side of the arena during the show…

And it is a big arena, so we were told to come prepared. Meaning: “bring the longest lens you can find.”

I only had a 70-200mm handy so I improvised and grabbed the 2x extender that basically got me at 400mm.

You loose 2 stops in the process (you have to shoot at f/5.6 instead of f/2.8) but I was hoping that they would blast enough lights on the artists for me to shoot around 1/100s even at f/5.6.

And they sure did.

This is a photo of  Johnny Reid, left is what could have happened if I wasn’t prepared and right is the kind of photos I got.

More to come very soon.

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