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For the past 5 days now, I’ve been back in Edmonton to work with the incredible people of Martyshuk Housing.

I’ve worked with them several times before and have had a blast every time.

This week was no exception. Once again, I got to spend time with people who are so full of love, warmth and happiness, even if life hasn’t always been so kind to them.

As I have been hanging around the halls with my camera for the past few days now, all of Martyshuk Housing clients know me pretty well. (Either as Brice or “camera guy”) And every time I show up, I am welcomed by big smiles, which make my job pretty sweat and easy I gotta say.

Learn more about what Martyshuk housing does here, we definitely need more people like them in this world…

I am shooting videos this time and you’ll get to see them pretty soon, but in the mean time here are 2 of my buddies.

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This gentleman is one of the many clients of Martyshuk housing.

During one of my many trips to Edmonton, I got to collaborate with the amazing people of Martyshuk Housing.

"Amazing" is actually quite the understatement when you consider what they do:

Martyshuk Housing is a grassroots company with a social mandate to abolish homelessness. Since 2007, they use highly innovative and flexible approaches to provide quality affordable housing and tailored supports to their clients. Their unique business model has effectively housed hundreds of some of the hardest-to-house homeless individuals in Edmonton.

Martyshuk is known for:

♦      Ensuring safe, secure, and clean housing throughout Edmonton.

♦      Responding quickly to house people within hours and days of receiving a referral.

♦      Approaching all clients on and case-by-case basis.

♦      Working without judgment.

♦      Treating people as equals and with unparalleled respect.

♦      Giving people a chance when other programs haven’t.

♦      Having a unique model that is producing results.

Amongst the numerous clients I’ve had lately, Martyshuk is by far one of the most humbling for me. It’s amazing to see people who genuinely care about other human beings, and doing everything in their power to get them out of the streets. Specially when you know how cold Alberta gets in the winter. Nobody should sleep outside by -35°c.

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