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Yesterday, during my run, I noticed something very strange…

I have jogged in both Edmonton and Vancouver and there is a pretty big difference between these two cities.

It seems that, while the nice runners of Alberta are always smiling and giving you a nod (sometime they even wave at you) when you cross them, the people of Vancouver just don’t give a rat’s ass and either completely ignore you or even worse, give you the stink eye because you look better and you’re faster… ;o)

I have always said that, to me, Vancouver is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, but let’s face it, some people here are less mellow than our Edmontonians friends.

Just sayin’…

Edmonton 1 - Vancouver 0

Side-note: I shot that photo in Beijing during the 2008 Olympics and that gentleman is about to crush the 4x100m relay world record with the Jamaican Team. (Nesta Carter/Michael Frater/Usain Bolt/Asafa Powell)

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