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A few weeks ago, I got the chance to collaborate with Danielle Marie while she was recording her latest album. I was taking photos mostly, but I figured I would shoot a little video as well since we were having so much fun.
Here is: “Where does the time go….”

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Last week I got to spend a day at the Warehouse Studio and hung out with the amazing Danielle Marie who was recording her latest album.

Lots of photos (and videos….;o) ) were shot at this incredible studio right in the middle of Gastown in Vancouver.

It was my 4th time shooting at this incredible recording studio, own by Bryan Adams, and it’s such a tremendous pleasure to come back every time.

More about Danielle Marie here.

And more about the Warehouse Studio here.

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On Saturday, I had my first official shoot in the new studio.

As you might have seen on the previous photos, the space is big and white. But what you haven’t seen, is that we do have some cool steal doors and other funky materials here and there that we can use, so we don’t always shoot against a white wall.

To prove my point, I had my friend August Wiled over.

August is a model, singer, flute and guitar player, burlesque dancer and has been practicing ballet dancing for 16 years. Quite the resume!!!

If you’re looking for a great model in Vancouver, I definitely suggest you check her out.

We shot a lot of photos to get acquainted with the new studio and this is one of them.

What do you think?

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