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A few days ago, my friend Tessa (who came all the way from New-Zealand) dropped by the studio.

I already photographed Tess a couple of years ago, and as a matter of fact, she was the first model I photographed for my big Nude Fine-Art Series. Click here to see her photo if you haven’t already seen it.

She is THE reason why this big photo series started.

This time around, among other things, I wanted to try and create a rainy window for one of her portraits.

We have an incredible amount of daylight coming in the studio, but all of it from skylights, we don’t have actual windows on the walls. (Aside from the huge “garage” door, of course.)

So, after bringing in a tiny plexiglass window and spraying some “rain” on it, here is what we came up with.

What do you think?

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Being creative doesn’t only mean that you have to put together cool concepts for your photos. Sometimes it means that you have to be smart just to put together a portable studio, or make it work when you are on a budget.

Most of the time when we are shooting on location, we manage to have everything nice and net so we can haul your gear and stands around pretty easily.

The only problem is when you have to carry you 12 foot roll of paper backdrop around.

Yes, 12 feet, as in pretty much twice my size!!!

You have to take elevators, stairs, put it in and out of your vehicle (if you don’t have a van or a truck, forget about it…) and bring it to people’s offices without breaking everything around or taking someone’s eyes out. And don’t even get me started on those stupid doors that close automatically!!!

It takes a lot of expertise as an assistant to be smooth with that thing.

So to avoid all this, I decided to go and try the new polyester grey backdrop on sale at my local fabric store and after spending 6$ on it here is the result I get.

Polyester doesn’t feel great on your skin for clothes, but it photographs well and doesn’t wrinkle.

Oh and more important, is fits in any backpack, purse (or murse) or pelican case…

A no-brainer as far as I’m concerned.

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