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Just spent a quick couple of days in Edmonton again, for a commercial video shoot this time.

One of my client’s requests was for me to shoot a timelapse of the city. Among other things of course.

Here is the kind of view I decided to go for. For one of them anyway. ;o)

I shot a lot more, but you’ll have to wait for the video to be out to see them.

Here is the cool thing about glass buildings like the ones Downtown Edmonton. You can shoot the sunset even if you are facing east, you get that amazing light reflecting in the buildings with the night sky in the background. Gotta love those shoots.

More about this very soon.

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Here is one more reason why I love Vancouver so very much.

You get to start your day at home or at the studio, work for 5 or 6 hours, then drive 25 minutes and end up in Cypress for a evening ski session.

Yesterday I skied at night for the first time and it was just mind blowing. This picture was taken around 4.30 pm so it’s still daylight (sort of…), but a few minutes later we were skiing in the dark, with only the lights of the Cypress ski complex and the big city of Vancouver all lit up down in the Valley.

Amazing feeling…

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I was listening to a Chase Jarvis Interview last night where he stated that, when he first started taking photos, he would do everything in his power to shoot, shoot and shoot some more. This is basically the way I see things as well. And this started way back in the day.

When I was living in Paris, France I would take my trusty bicycle (I actually took it with me to Vancouver!) and would bike around the city at night just to photograph stuff.

The idea at the time was just to get a better understanding of how the ISO relates to the aperture, shutter speed, grain, depth of field and stuff like that. Settings that I don’t even think about today, were not intuitive to me at the time.

Also, I hadn’t figured out that my passion really lies in photographing people not landscapes so I shot whatever was around me. Like the Eiffel Tower or la Seine.

I gotta admit, people often ask me if I miss France and Paris and my answer is always a solid “no”, but no matter how I feel about it, from an architecture point of view, Paris kicks some serious ass.

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Last year my better half and I traveled a bit around Europe.

And today I found myself browsing through some photos I took when I was there.

I really like this one, because it actually looks better than what I was seeing with my eyes.

And it’s usually hard to achieve this feeling, as our eyes react differently than the camera sensor to areas of darkness.

I also love this shot, because hadn’t packed a tripod on that trip so I had to improvise with my surroundings.

I shot this one using a very very crooked bridge with my tuque under the camera so I could adjust the horizon.

Do you guys know where I shot that?

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