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Last week I spent 3 interesting days in Edmonton.

On Friday I climbed an oil rig for the first time, but Wednesday was another first for me.

I actually walked in on a murder scene (yep, you heard that right) with my fellow friends from Martyshuk housing. Therefore ended up being filmed by CBC (if you watch the first minute of this video, you’ll see me minding my own business, doing what I was there to do, witness and film the everyday life of Martyshuk Housing’s team and their tenants).

Drugs, violence, and unfortunately death, is part of the everyday life for the homeless community of Edmonton (and in all the other big cities of the world). And the more I work with them, the more I learn about it and I realize how the work of Martyshuk Housing is important.

For the past 6 years now, Dave Martyshuk’s team has been working extremely hard,  night and day, with all the agencies and Government departments in charge of taking care of the homelessness situation to house hundreds of people they are working towards eradicating homelessness in Edmonton in the next 5 to 10 years.

This project sounded completely nuts a few years ago, but it is now in full speed and it’s safe to say that if all those incredible folks keep going this way, homelessness might just be a souvenir in 5 to 10 years in Edmonton

In the meantime, even when you are surrounded by drugs, violence and alcohol, at the end of the day, there is always someone there with a big smile on his/her face to make you forget about all this and realize that there is hope.

I made a lot of new friends amongst the Martyshuk Housing tenants, but RJ was by far the happiest to see me film and photograph him. (You have no idea how excited he was about the hockey season finally starting too!)

If you’re in Edmonton, you might see him walking in the streets with his snow shovel, just helping out. If you do, go and say “hi” to him.

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During one of my trips to Edmonton, I was asked to include an Oilers jersey in one of my photos.

The only “problem” was that I had no models to wear the jersey that day.

So I had to figure out a way to do a self portrait with a little style.

I put my camera on a very reflective glass table, grabbed my remote, looked aloof, and shot the photo with a 2 second timer. (enough time to put the remote in my pocket).


I know some of my friends, Senators and Canucks fans who are not gonna like that photo.

Thanks Gil for the Jersey…

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