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On top of the commercial and editorial contracts I work on, I always try to create personal work. I obviously like to work in series, and once I have found a concept I love, I try to find as many models as possible to develop that series.

I have been fortunate enough with my last 4 big series that they became pretty popular and  a lot of people wanted to be part of them and booked me.

Though, I think it is now time to create something new and different.

I have been working around similar concepts for the past couple of years and I am now working on new ideas and styles. I already have a lot things in mind that I want to try, and will be looking for people to help me out very soon.

Anyway, this picture reflects the last 18 months of my creative process and I will, very soon, share some new photos, maybe a new series with you all.

If you missed them, you can find all these series here:


In the mean time, if you haven’t booked me for any of those previous series and you have always wanted too, then you should definitely hurry up, because, I might not shoot them for very long any more.

So, if you want to shoot with me, you know what to do…

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