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A lot of people ask me why I photograph so many women and not as many men. I don’t really know why. I guess it’s mostly because more women ask me to photograph them, so the ball started rolling that way and my portrait portfolio now mostly consists of female models.

But, recently, my photographer friend Chris Thorn asked me that question again, so I decided to have him at my studio and show him that I could photograph good looking dudes as well.

To my female followers, that one is for you…  ;o)

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On top of the commercial and editorial contracts I work on, I always try to create personal work. I obviously like to work in series, and once I have found a concept I love, I try to find as many models as possible to develop that series.

I have been fortunate enough with my last 4 big series that they became pretty popular and  a lot of people wanted to be part of them and booked me.

Though, I think it is now time to create something new and different.

I have been working around similar concepts for the past couple of years and I am now working on new ideas and styles. I already have a lot things in mind that I want to try, and will be looking for people to help me out very soon.

Anyway, this picture reflects the last 18 months of my creative process and I will, very soon, share some new photos, maybe a new series with you all.

If you missed them, you can find all these series here:


In the mean time, if you haven’t booked me for any of those previous series and you have always wanted too, then you should definitely hurry up, because, I might not shoot them for very long any more.

So, if you want to shoot with me, you know what to do…

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Another photo to add to the EKTA Series.

This series is getting bigger every day now and might soon get as big as the previous nude fine-art series I shot in Vancouver.

If you are interested in shooting with me, purchasing any of those photos or even showing them in your gallery, feel free to contact the studio directly here.

Who will be my next model…? (I actually already know who my next model will be, but you guys don’t hihihi…)

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My favorite tumblr…?

People often ask me about my favorite tumblrs out there.

It’s kind of a tough choice, but if I had to narrow it down, I guess I would go for:

1 - 25 and broke  (Now 27 and broke actually)

This blog created by photographer Chris Thomas is all about men’s style, amazing architecture in homes or lofts/studios,  beautiful women and nice things in general. Always classy. It is one of the first things I check every morning. Before the news.

2 - The Black Workshop

Introduced to me by Chris (see above), just check it out and you’ll immediately understand what I love about it. As a photographer and as a person in general I love nice things, but what I love most of all are nice things that are in order. I hate mess and I hate clutter. (If you check my photos you’ll see that I am not a big fan of messy backgrounds)

I don’t think owning a lot of stuff is important. I would be fine with a huge loft with the bare minimum, as long as that minimum serves a purpose and is very well designed.

3 - Unicorn Sluts

I’m not exactly sure why it’s called that way, but their content is usually hilarious, and filled with 80’s and 90’s references. I’m quite sure that the creators of this blog are of my generation and they often drop some nice pop culture “blast from the past” references that I really enjoy.

4 - Eye of the beholder

Always great for inspiration, again, one of those “always classy” blogs that I like. But only with women photos this time, and mostly nudes.

Tons and tons of photos every day from all the best photographers out there.

5 - The Depicter

Just self portraits of a nice girl from California, sometimes serious, sometimes quirky, but always very well done. Simple but it works every time.

6 - Photo Donuts

A must for inspiration with all kind of photography styles.

So, what about you? What are your favorite blogs? I would love to know. Let me know via email, or in the “ask me” box, or leave a comment.

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One of the things I love about working in Edmonton is the view I have from my bed every morning.

I actually took this photo while still lying down.

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A few weeks ago, during one of my trips to Edmonton, I got the chance to photograph Shafraaz Kaba for the latest "Designing Downtown" campaign.

I was working on a different project at the time and got asked about 30 minutes prior to the shoot if I could take a photo for the back cover of Parlour Life Magazine.

"Well of course I can…."

Lisa Baroldi (Progress Unlimited), who’s in charge of the whole Designing Downtown project, and I, quickly jumped in the car and met the very busy Shafraaz Kaba for a few minutes and voilà !

Many thanks go to Lisa on this one, who is by far THE multi-tasking Queen. She usually organizes about 12 meetings and 8 photo shoots before our morning coffee. She put together this back cover in a record time!!!

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Today I spent some time on the beach where the movie “Point Break” was filmed (Ecola State Park in Oregon - 1991)

I had a thought for Bodhi, and I too, waited for the perfect wave…

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