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I love reading a good book when I’m flying.

This time, my partner for the trip is "Trust me I’m Lying" (Confessions of a media manipulator) by Ryan Holiday.

I heard about that book while watching one of Chase Jarvis’s latest CJ Live.

To quote Chase: “Ryan is a media genius who hires and fires creatives–photographers, filmmakers, designers and more people just like us– AND he promotes, inflates and hacks some of the biggest names, celebrities and brands in the world. Ryan Holiday is all these things, he’s also the Director of Marketing for American Apparel, and he’s just 24 years old (yes you read that correctly – he took the job after he turned legal drinking age…). Mind blowing responsibility and million dollar budgets, plus the brains behind all those risque American Apparel ads you’ve seen…. Want to know all his secrets? How to create content that gets noticed? How to get hired as a creative? How to get your name in lights? And then hack the system to get results? It’s more than you think, and it’s not all fun and games.”

Definitely a good read in my opinion if you are a creative and you are trying to get your work out there.

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