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When your client asks you to wear a vest like that for your shoot, you know you are about to have an interesting day.

As I knew my mom was not really gonna love the idea of me having to wear a “Stab Vest” to work, I waited a bit before blogging about it. But I am now back in Vancouver so all is well.

This type of vest is what the security men of Martyshuk Housing have to wear to work.

It is designed to stop any punch, knife, baseball bat or crowbar. And it will also keep you seriously warm when you are working by -25 degrees.

Working amongst the homeless community is an incredibly intense and rewarding job, but it has its risks as well. Most of the time Martyshuk Housing tenants are very calm and friendly, but sometimes, people are under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol and become agitated or violent. That’s why the security team has to wear those vests when they are doing their rounds. Better safe than sorry.

The fact is that a few of the security guards can attest, first hand, that those vest can stop a knife.

Anyway, I flew back to Vancouver last night and I had an absolute blast with Martyshuk Housing’s team. We shot a lot of interviews, security interventions, smiles, tears and various war stories. We’ll start editing this very soon, as I can’t wait to share the footage with you all.

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