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Being creative doesn’t only mean that you have to put together cool concepts for your photos. Sometimes it means that you have to be smart just to put together a portable studio, or make it work when you are on a budget.

Most of the time when we are shooting on location, we manage to have everything nice and net so we can haul your gear and stands around pretty easily.

The only problem is when you have to carry you 12 foot roll of paper backdrop around.

Yes, 12 feet, as in pretty much twice my size!!!

You have to take elevators, stairs, put it in and out of your vehicle (if you don’t have a van or a truck, forget about it…) and bring it to people’s offices without breaking everything around or taking someone’s eyes out. And don’t even get me started on those stupid doors that close automatically!!!

It takes a lot of expertise as an assistant to be smooth with that thing.

So to avoid all this, I decided to go and try the new polyester grey backdrop on sale at my local fabric store and after spending 6$ on it here is the result I get.

Polyester doesn’t feel great on your skin for clothes, but it photographs well and doesn’t wrinkle.

Oh and more important, is fits in any backpack, purse (or murse) or pelican case…

A no-brainer as far as I’m concerned.

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During one of my trips to Edmonton, I was asked to include an Oilers jersey in one of my photos.

The only “problem” was that I had no models to wear the jersey that day.

So I had to figure out a way to do a self portrait with a little style.

I put my camera on a very reflective glass table, grabbed my remote, looked aloof, and shot the photo with a 2 second timer. (enough time to put the remote in my pocket).


I know some of my friends, Senators and Canucks fans who are not gonna like that photo.

Thanks Gil for the Jersey…

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Today I was looking at photos on 500px.com and saw some pretty cool portraits.

Some of them were very simple against black or dark green backgrounds and I decided to see if I could achieve a cool result as well.

Here is what I came up with in about 30 minutes.

This photo is a little “wink” to "the depicter", who is way better than me at self-portrait (yes, this is me on the photo for those of you who don’t know me…) and is a great source of inspiration.

Anyone wants a portrait?

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A date with my camera…

Today I was thinking about my next photo project.

The fine-art series I am working on is going smoothly so I am thinking about trying another series on the side.

I am still working on the idea, but this time I think I am gonna keep it simple. I was very inspired by Chase Jarvis's latest book "Seattle 100", where you can see photos of people from Seattle using always the same setting, very simple, very pure, black and white photos against a white background.

So today I spent a few hours with my camera trying to see how that would look like, and for lack of a better subject ( and also because it’s easier when you don’t really know with what to start and where to go), I photographed myself.

So here is what I got so far. If you’re in the Vancouver area and you want to collaborate, as always, send me an email and give me a shout.

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Click on the photos for the bigger versions if you dare…

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Last week, my good friend Andrew passed the one and only Krispy Kreme store in BC.

And then he remembered Krispy Kreme Donuts are like Kryptonite to me.

No matter what I am doing, bring me a box (or 2 boxes of 12 in that case) and I can’t functionate anymore. I have to stop and get one…or two. Okay 3 !!!

Anyway, this week-end I was religiously enjoying my treat when I got the urge to grab my camera. (Yes, that happens a lot too.)

So here it is, my homage to the best donuts (or is it doughnuts ?) out there.

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When you think about it, photography is pretty much like the old west. The one key to success is “shoot first, shoot later, and shoot some more” to quote the famous James West.
Today is the first day of my own old west…
I’ve been shooting for a while now, and I just can’t believe that I didn’t think about doing this before.
A blog tabarnac !!!
Sure, I have a cool website, fancy, crisp and all, www.briceferre.com, but you know, what do you do when you want to share all the photos you take everyday?
Are they all website worthy? I don’t know…
The idea behind this blog is simple:
Everyday, I’ll share with you a piece of my life through the lens, always in black and white, always at 50 mm.
I am a strong believer that life is interesting no matter what, I do have slow days sometimes but there is always something to shoot out there.
So here I am, shooting first, shooting later and shooting some more.
Feel free to join, comment, send me emails, share this blog with the world, and if you have a camera of any kind, shoot shoot shoot !!!

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