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Raw Canvas Exhibition, Round II…

This is it, the show is up, people are already talking about it.

"Is this true, is he really back ?!"

The answer is “YES !”, I’m back and I have my second show for the whole month of November in Vancouver.

The address ?

1046 Hamilton Street (Yaletown) in a place called Raw Canvas.

Come and check it out if you’re in the neighborhood. And If you come to the big party on November 17th, you’ll get a chance to win the photo of your choice.

"Why ?" you ask.

Because that’s how I roll !!!

See you there.


Click on the photo to see the bigger version.

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2 weeks ago now I got my very first photo exhibition in Vancouver. It took place in a place called Raw Canvas in Yaletown - 1046 Hamilton Street. You can see the the actual photos on my website ( www.briceferre.com ) in the “fine art” section.

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