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Remember when I filmed this video of Lola Frost and Melody Mangler a year ago? (If not, I strongly advise that you check it out here)

Well, looks like at the end of the video shoot, I actually grabbed 2 or 3 photos of the 2 amazing burlesque dancers. And when I say 2 or 3, this time I really mean 2 or 3.

This is one of them…

Lola and Melody are 2 of the best burlesque performers in North America (both part of the burlesque hall of fame) and I felt very privileged to share a couple of hours with them last year.

If you know Lola, you should also know that she now has an extremely rad hair cut (quite different from the one above) so something tells me that I should have another shoot with her and Melody…

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