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A few days ago, my friend Tessa (who came all the way from New-Zealand) dropped by the studio.

I already photographed Tess a couple of years ago, and as a matter of fact, she was the first model I photographed for my big Nude Fine-Art Series. Click here to see her photo if you haven’t already seen it.

She is THE reason why this big photo series started.

This time around, among other things, I wanted to try and create a rainy window for one of her portraits.

We have an incredible amount of daylight coming in the studio, but all of it from skylights, we don’t have actual windows on the walls. (Aside from the huge “garage” door, of course.)

So, after bringing in a tiny plexiglass window and spraying some “rain” on it, here is what we came up with.

What do you think?

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Today I wanted to share this with you.

This photo of Tessa is the one that got my latest fine-art series started.

A while back, I was shooting in my studio and Tessa, who happened to be there at the time, decided to play with the light in front of the window, moving her beautiful dress around.

I thought this lighting was kind of awesome and I asked her to do exactly what she was doing but without the dress.

I know…

That’s how we got the first photo of the series.

Anyway the photo with the dress on is actually pretty cool too so here it is:

Also I wanted to share another great news with you guys.

Today I started my new Twitter account. I know it’s sooo 2 years ago but you know, better late than never I guess.

So please feel free to start following and shooting me messages and stuff.

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Today, I had a shoot at the studio.
During a fashion shoot, if the model agrees to it, I always like to start shooting when she is getting ready.
I’ve always been a big fan of candid photography and to me, what happens around a shoot is way more interesting that the shoot itself.
You always get genuine faces or expressions that you wouldn’t necessarily get (or want) on a commercial shoot.
So here is Tessa, my second favorite model (Josette being the first one of course, do you think I’m crazy !!!).

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