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Last week I got contracted to film a “behind the scenes” for the latest Build Direct Christmas Video.

The whole shoot was taking place a the Vancouver Christmas Market.

Usually, the first thing I think about when I have to film something like that is: “How can I get higher than ground level…?”

I asked the people at the market if I could access the building next door’s roof top, they said “no”, but they did mention that the Christmas Markets Huts roofs were solid enough to hold a guy my size… (Mmmh…)

So I grabbed the closest ladder I could find and jumped on one of the roofs.

Some of the shots I took from up there actually ended up being used in the final video, not in the behind the scenes. As nice establishing shots.

I’m honored.

Also, while I was up, the amazing Aimee Makris (from Moi Photography), who was in charge of the photo behind the scene, grabbed a pretty cool shot of me doing my thing.

Thanks Aimee!

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